Who Are We?

YallaGo is a 100% Algerian technology platform, Our goal is to offer simplicity, security, and
reliability of our services to passengers and Captain.

Our concept is simple, connecting a user with a taxi driver (Captain) via our YallaGo platform.
Forget the problems of transport, the problems of parking, whether it is to go to work, to the
airport or to visit your family, YallaGo takes care of you.

Touching a screen is easier than raising a hand for a taxi
- You can book a race now and go to work, see friends or go shopping.
- YallaGo allows you to have an estimated race fare, and follow your driver (Captain)
- Our GPS tracking service is in point, so our captains can easily drop you at the place you want.
- Payment is simple in cash.
- It's time to lower your hand and press install!